Monday, 26 November 2012

There has been so much going on since my last blog that I barely know where to start!

Well Saturday last I did my very first Craft Fair selling my homemade jams/marmalades/lemon curd and cookies. It was a fantastic day and a complete success, one of my good friends Violet and Green shared a table with me selling the most gorgeous homemade bobby pins, brooches & cards. You should hop over and take a look!

The gorgeous bunting was made by another of my good friends who is resisting the social network self promotion. She also makes beautiful brooches from crochet (I bought one, nearly wrestled someone to the floor who showed an interest in what I had pegged as MINE! lol )

I am busy crafting for Christmas orders, head over to Tatty Bogle Makes and Bakes to see what I have been up to, today it has been Advent Biscuits for the Tree, they could be that Christmas Eve treat for everyone or leave one out for Father Christmas when he visits :)

We have also had our Annual trip to Hamleys but the surprise this year was my Husband arrange a chauffeur driven car to take us there!! We of course had a fantastic time and the children wanted everything in sight, again. Afterwards we went a walking and managed to stumble upon a Choccywoccydoodah shop, what a pleasure that was. The cakes seen in the flesh are breathtaking....

But by far the most amazing thing is my brand new cooker, take a look at this beauty.....

Unbelievably lucky? Yes, yes I am!!!

There is so much more I could mention but I won't! If you see anything you fancy over at Tatty Bogle Makes and Bakes let me know, I send by post and accept PayPal as my main payment method.

Toodle pip for now.......

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