Saturday, 1 December 2012

I am, it is fair to say, quite bad at taking photo's so quite why I have set myself up to join the December Photo Project 2012 this year baffles me but it may give me the push I need to try harder to get it right. You should join in, it's a fab idea and this is my first offering to the project.......

We have been having fun over at Tatty Bogle Makes and Bakes making melted Snowmen biscuits. They are so simple to make and can be decorated just as you wish.

Start with just a simple biscuit recipe, chill in the fridge for 15 minutes. When ready break a piece off and roll into a ball and push down on a flat surface. You are trying to create a circle with broken edges effect. Cook according to your recipe.

Make up a batch of icing sugar glaze. Get out the fondant icing and/or pen icing that kids use. Whichever you prefer, I went for fun with the fondant icing!

When your biccies are cooked and cooled take a spoonfull of icing and 'drop' it over them making sure that it does run off the sides for that melted look.

To make the Snowman's head you can either use slightly melted marshmallows or fondant icing, I went for the marshmallows warmed in the oven but be careful, they can melt quickly and be ruined!

Then get decorating with hats, scarves, gloves....use what you can to get what is right for you and hey presto your little guys are finished!

See, simples! My two boys loved them, the eldest declaring that I could actually work at Choccywoccydoodah's , bless him, not quite but I love the faith he has :)

Happy Saturday everyone, wrap up, it's chilly out there. I'll be back with photo number two tomorrow!!

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