Monday, 8 October 2012

In the 'Black Forest'!

Over an unplanned coffee break with very large mugs and a cookie big enough to feed a small family, a very good friend of mine was discussing her Birthday the day before and how she was treated to a Waitrose finest 'Black Forest Gateau' as her celebratory cake. And mentions that if I could master one of those it wouldn't be a bad thing!

I'll give it a go I say with more confidence than I feel....

I'm slightly nervous about this, mostly because living up to the excellence of Waitrose is a not close to possible but most importantly I forgot to buy some Kirsch so it is now an alcohol free gateau. Did I mention that my friend and I don't mind a tipple or two?!

Oh well, onwards and upwards as they say but just one more note to self, do NOT drop one of the cakes when removing it from it's tin as the end result will resemble a 2 tier chocolate & cherry cake and nothing like a gateau!!

But I had fun and pleased that I tried, just really need to work on the presentation but I have time on my what to make next? And whatever you suggest are you willing to put your taste buds forward for testing?

I hope so, I really do love what I am doing....let me know what you think?

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