Monday, 8 October 2012

If you can't stand the heat...

If you can't stand the heat........

....get out of the kitchen! Or in my case in it!!
It won't be long before my youngest son will be off to nursery and before I know it I will be surplus to'll happen and quickly and before I realise it, somehow my eldest son became 8 and is at the tipping point of knowing everything and I am now wrong more than I am right!
After trying several different hobbies and pass times I have finally settled on the one I love....baking!!
Never am I happier than having a boogie in the kitchen to my Newton Faulkner album rustling up something tasty to eat. As one of my good friends tells me, I am 'a feeder', at my happiest when providing something scrummy to eat. This is true.
Some of you will of already tried some of my baked goods and so far so good although there is massive room for improvement and this blog with be my diary and sanity keeper through my (hopefully) successful quest in selling tasty goods.
So if you want to try a slice of something nice and give me some feed back, feel free to to give me ideas on something you like and I am always happy for a visit from friends for a taste test and a nice cup of what you fancy. And if by chance you know of anyone who may want something baking for a fete, bizarre etc please do let me know.
So from here on in there may well be much rambling, self doubt and hopefully some success too….wish me luck!

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